About the gear slope (transmission clearance)

Column:Technical Article Time:2020-09-04
About the gear slope (transmission clearance)
About the gear slope (transmission clearance):
1. The model servo is made by multiple gear reducer mechanism. So theoretically the gear slope is inevitable. Precise planet gear reducer,  spindle wheel swinging reducer (usually used in high end manipulater, robot) can eliminate the slope better, but not zero.
2. Only high precise gear and case can support tiny slope servos, which may cause high prime cost. The low end servo cannot afford that.
3. Better lubricant and gear material will help prevent slope after long term use.
4. To examine the slope, use a long extension needle attached on the horn, aim the angle meter, slightly push the horn clockwise and counter clockwise, and check the discrepancy between both sides. Examine multiple points. but not only one point.
5. It's not revealing the actual slope with usinga  big force to push and pull the servo horn and listen if it has click, cos' some manufacturer uses lubricant with high viscosity. So you can't hear click when you push the horn, or you find it's quiet when it rotates with powered off. But this may reduce the servo speed and cause power consuming.
6. Theta servo uses Japan made gears, aerospace industry class lubricant, and the high end CNC machining. We aim to produce a
highly advanced servo.

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